George Ross Lecture

Speaking of Philosophy Now they co-organised the lecture on Bertrand Russell and Friendship with the PFA London last Friday.

I think, for Christmas, I have to read Russells Conquest Of Happiness. According to Tim Madigan it appears to be a pre-req to reading his new book on

His comments about Aristotles three kinds of friendship (ones of utility, pleasure, and goodness) resonated with me, so I would believe, after I read Russell, that Tims book will be on my reading list.

Peter Stone also edited another Russell book with Tim, which may be of interest if I get into Russells works and this may provide a quick overview of his some of his work:

For a picture of Russell, the man Stone was also pushing his new book (for the dedicated):

(Its a bit pricey so may be wait for the papaerback oir Kindle edition).

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