Good Youtube sites – Yale courses

In doing the Pathways courses over the last few months I have begun using Youtube more than ever. Most comprehensively I used Shelley Kagans course on Death, which is part of the Yale courses as below. I have not gone through it fully but sifted through sections as needed. I would recommend the lectures on Personal Identity through time. Some reviewers criticise Kagan for repeating himself, but I consider that a good thing, especially in philosophy.


As part of my preparation for the Pathways course on the Pre-Socratics, I have begun Donald Kagans course on ancient Greece.  He gives a good overview to the background and context of the world view they would have had.



Both courses come with a recommended reading list. I have not gone so far as to reading everything on them myself and have only bought the main text for the history course as below:

Shelley Kagan does have a book on Kindle , which cover the course on Death. I may still get this if I do have to revisit this course:



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