More good YouTube sites

Its been a couple of months since I have put a post in. Thats not to say I have not been busy. I finished the Philosophy of Mind course with Pathways and have since begun the Pre Socratics course (I will update the blog to cover the course in a separate entry ).The purpose of this short entry however is to follow up on earlier post on YouTube entries.

My first mention would have to go to Olly Lennards YouTube channel, who is very articulate and gives good summaries of old and new material:

My second would have to go GK from Pathways:

Some of his entries are a good complement to the Pathways courses.

I have also been looking at the Open University YouTube channel recently as I amd thinking about doing their Classics course at some stage. They do have a lot of free stuff which helps:

Philosopy Overdose has a lot of the programs from Bryan Magee’s Philosophy Programs from the eighties which are worth while:

Again another channel worth mentioning is crash course which is mildly irritating as it tries to put everything in small sound Bites but nevertheless gives a good overview of each subject it covers including  philosophy.