UCLAN Astronomy

I got frustrated just doing philosophy essays last year. I think the Philosophy of language and Wittgenstein really finished me off. Around the same time I did a course on Kants Groundwork , which was interesting, but finished early as the lecturer was depressed, justifiably about the death of his mother. I felt I was getting nowhere and needed a more defined line of study. Since watching and reading Brian Greene I have wanted to study Physics again, but thought it may clash too much with my job.

I found an interesting course on


and did the Intro to Astronomy Module. For a 20 point course (120 is equivalent to a year in uni), I found it quite comprehensive in comparison to the 60 point OU courses I have done in the past. This year I am studying 2 other modules, Intro to Cosmology and Intro to Astrobiology. I will write summaries of all the modules here. They are not cheap, but seem to offer good value for money. The overall goal (if this year works out) is to do 3 more modules next year and get the Cert HE in Astronomy. I may resume Geoffrey Klempers course and go and do a UOL distance Philosophy course at that stage. I like the idea of doing Physics and Philosophy together. I do not blame Physicists for having a sceptical view of philosophers from some stuff I have read about the influence of quantum mechanics on free will. Astronomy is like applied physics, especially in the earlier stages of study and for that reason, it suits me now.