Grey Matter : My Philosophy Learning Blog

Thoughts, Background and New Beginnings

I hit 50 this year, and with that, have decided to learn something new and keep my body and mind in good order. I do not want to get old before my time. There is enough time for that in itself, even on our best behaviour. I have lost nearly three stone with Weight Watchers since January and am seeking to exercise my mind outside of work. I work in IT and am interested in it, but there has to be life outside of work. Hence the title Grey Matter. I am not naturally bright, and need to work at it.

In 1999 and 2000 I did the first two modules of an Open University B.A. in the Arts and Humanities. I was going to start my third when life took an unexpected change and I decided to take a busmans holiday to Australia. I met my wife there, came back to the UK for a few years, then went back to Australia until 2015 when we came back to Ireland and then the UK. The OU does not extend its courses to Oz, but I Iiked doing them, so I made enquiries about doing some new ones when I got back. It turns out that the UK government tripled the university tuition fees when I was away and now an OU 60 point module will be nearly 3000 GBP, which is a disgrace.

In looking for alternatives I hit upon the University of London International program. This does not offer tuition, but seems to be a lot cheaper. Cheaper still is the Pathways to Philosophy Program, led by Geoffrey Klempner.  As is recommended on his website I have kept a philosophy diary, however on paper, which I do not update enough. As a result I am going to try a blog on my progress instead.



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